Mission Statement

The Spirit of the Canyon is a Youth Project of the Grand Canyon Rotary, created  to encourage participation in  activities that will help them grow into happy, healthy, productive and compassionate citizens. 

Together with our Community Sponsors, we hope to  provide a monthly activity that will provide the youth of the Grand Canyon Community an experience that is educational, character building, and of course FUN!

Our main focus will be on activities that help the youth of the Grand Canyon learn about all the things they can do without their phones or tablets, encourage them to not just ‘think outside the box’, but to actually ‘live outside the box’. They will discover how much they can learn and grow by interacting with the amazing natural resources in their own backyard, and learning new skills by participating in activities  in person. 

All Activities will focus on one or more of the goals below:

  • Team Building-Working Together
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Future Career Information
  • Educational Resources
  • Protecting Natural Resources