Microgreens Growing Instructions

This page contains most of the information needed to grow and care for your Hydroponics Microgreens Kit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact Us

Open and Check Your Package

Remove all items from your package and make sure you have all the items included in your kit, images are below.


To start the sprouting phase of your microgreens, you are going to add water to one Black Plastic Container, add the Coco Coir, mist with water, add seeds, and begin the sprouting process.

STEP 1: Fill 1 Black Container with water to about 1″ from the top, tap water is fine, and temperature not hot or cold.

STEP 2: Place the Lid with Wicking upside down on top of Black Container you just filled with water.

STEP 3: Put the Coco Coir on top of the Lid with Wicking, fill to just below top of container

STEP 4: Using a spray bottle, mist the Coco Coir. Do not Saturate, you just want it damp. 


STEP 5: Place seeds on top of Coco Coir, spreading as evenly as possible.


STEP 6: Mist seeds with spray bottle, again, damp but not saturated. 


STEP 7: Place the second black container on top of the plastic lid with wicking/Coco Coir/Seeds. 


STEP 8: After 3-4 days, lift the lid to check for sprout growth. When sprouts are 3-4″ tall, remove the cover.

STEP 9: Leave the plant in sunlight (or under light) until the plant is 5″-7″ tall and then you can harvest!



Before you can harvest, you will need to let the microgreens grow, after removing the cover. After you take the cover off (Step 9), you will leave the plant in the sunlight (or under a light) to grow. During this time, check the water level to make sure that the water is at the level of the wicking. If needed, add more water.

When your plant is about 5″-7″ tall, you can begin harvesting it and enjoying it in recipes, salads, smoothies and more! It is best to harvest the microgreens just before you plan to use them. If you harvest too many to use right away, place them between two damp paper towels, place them in a plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator for up to a week. 

Use sharp pair of kitchen scissors or a sharp knife to cut the microgreens, making a clean cut at the base of the stem. This will allow the plant to grown again, so that you can harvest again. 

After harvesting some microgreens, lightly rinse them with water, and dry with paper towels or a Salad Spinner if you have one. 

Once you have started to harvest your plant, keep it out of direct sunlight. They don’t need to be kept in a dark spot, just keep them out of direct sunlight.