Grand Canyon National Park at the South Rim Announces Limited reopening May 15th – May 18th 6 am – 10 am

NPS announced a limited reopening of Grand Canyon National Park from Friday May 15th – Monday May 18th. Access hours are 6 am – 10 am. It is recommended you arrive by 9 am as long lines are expected. Access will be restricted to entering and exiting at South Rim entrance through the Town of Tusayan. Visitors will be able to drive along Desert View Drive up to Navajo Point. There is limited parking in areas and you will be able to walk to see views of the Grand Canyon. Once you are in the Park you can stay for the day. View the official NPS Statement.

Town of Tusayan

While there are very limited services (a few bathrooms) inside the park the Town of Tusayan located 1 mile from the South Rim entrance will have hotels and restaurants open.





Camping available at local Williams KOA and Williams / Grand Canyon KOA.

All of our businesses are making reopening safe for everyone and we look forward to hosting you.