Spirit of the Canyon News and Information

Read about what Spirit of the Canyon is doing in the Grand Canyon and Tusayan Community, learn about Hydroponics, discover hiking trails, explore the many animals of the Grand Canyon, and more. 

School Projects

Spirit of the Canyon works with School Districts to provide Educational Information about Hydroponics, Urban Farming, and Team Building. 

Grand Canyon School Week 2

Week 2 with the students at Grand Canyon High School was a blast, as we taught them more about caring for plants, brought in several mature plants and displays, and did a few Trust Falls!

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Grand Canyon School Week 1

Spirit of the Canyon is working with the Grand Canyon Unified School District to Hydroponics Gardening as part of their Science Classes. Read about Day 1 and check out the photos

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Grand Canyon Animals

Read about the many different varieties of animals in the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Hiking

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is an amazing experience, read about some of the best trails, and how to be prepared. Visit the Grand Canyon Hiking Page for more  information, including maps and tips from the National Park Service.

South Kaibab Trail

The South Kaibab Trail is the more challenging of the two maintained trails along the south rim, with challenging vertical changes.

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Bright Angel Trail

The Bright Angel Trail is considered Grand Canyon’s Premier and safest trail. This trail offers options for Day Hikes, and hiking to the bottom.

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Grand Canyon Viewpoints