Community Projects

Spirit of the Canyon is committed to creating projects to help communities learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables using Hydroponics Growing Systems.



Working with the Grand Canyon Unified School District, we have created a program to introduce students to the basic principles of Hydroponic Gardening. We will be expanding this program to other local schools in the future. 

The goals of this program are:

  • Learning about plants, and animals
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Growing their own produce (vegetables, fruits, plants, etc.)
  • Learning how to save valuable water
  • Donating to local food banks
  • Selling plants, and systems, to support fundraising


We have set up a program with the Grand Canyon Rotary to provide events that include Educational Seminars to teach community residents how to grow their own food. These events will allow us to provide each participant with a FREE Hydroponics kit so that they can experience growing a plant in their own home.