Grand Canyon Skydiving

After being inspired and left in awe by the shear size and mesmerizing beauty of the Grand Canyon while on a road trip from Colorado to San Francisco in 2013, Jason Theuma (The Founder of Paragon) knew that the Grand Canyon would be one of the most amazing places in the world to skydive. He saw the helicopters flying over the rim and wanted to make it possible for people to experience the thrill of skydiving followed by flying past one of the 7 wonder of the world in absolute silence under canopy.

So in 2016 (after more than 3 years of preparation) Paragon Skydive opened for business at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Paragon Skydive have now conducted many thousands of tandem skydives over the Grand Canyon and our team remain committed as ever to giving every customer the ultimate once in a lifetime experience of skydiving at the Grand Canyon.

Our professional and customer focused approach is aimed towards making everyone feel comfortable and secure in choosing to skydive with us. This unique, thrill seeking experience of this natural wonder has inspired a wide variety of people who might not have otherwise tried skydiving.

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